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Best Wifi Analyzer Windows PC

WiFi Analyzer for Windows

 WiFi Analyzer for Windows
 WiFi Analyzer for Windows

WiFi analyzer Windows PC helps to analyze your WiFi network usage and speed of Windows PC. You can easily monitor WiFi network speed on Windows PC. If you found your WiFi network working properly or working slow, their might be some apps running back-end which consume your WiFi network and make your WiFi slow.

To be free from this problem you can use Windows WiFi analyzer that monitor and tell which app or software consume most WiFi network. Just remove that app or software which is not require for you and boost your WiFi network speed.

Their are list of free WiFi Analyzer for Windows available in the market but choosing best for you little difficult now a day. So, we try to find some useful WiFi analyzer for you and make list with features.

Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows

Inexpensive apps

Wi-Fi analyzers that keep running on Android, Windows, and Mac OS X gadgets. These applications permit you to break down the remote get to focuses and channels on the 2.4 and 5GHz groups. Presently we're assessing applications, distributed as Universal Windows Platform applications on the Microsoft Store, that keep running on Windows 10 PCs, tablets and telephones. The Wi-Fi highlights that engineers can use in the Universal Windows Platform are still truly constrained. In any case, these applications are cheap and additionally free.


In case you're searching for a free application, consider WiFi Analyzer, WiFi Monitor, and WiFi Scout. WiFi Scout does not have some propelled highlights, however it creates isolate organize records for the 2.4 and 5GHz groups and it keeps out-of-range get to focuses on the rundown. WiFi Analyzer offers great separating alternatives, in spite of the fact that sorting could be progressed. WiFi Monitor has incorporated speed testing for the paid application, yet needs sorting and separating of the system rundown and capacity to change the remote connector. Both WiFi Commander and WiFi Tool are paid applications however offer free trials and give incredible elements and usefulness. They offer 3D charts and various sorting and sifting choices.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is distributed by Matt Hafner. We assessed Version 1.7.0, a free full-included advertisement bolstered release. In any case, for $1.99 you can expel the infrequent video promotions. When you first open WiFi Analyzer, you can pick your area. The application has three distinct tabs: Connected, Analyze, and Networks. On the Connected page, you see the points of interest of any present Wi-Fi association. On the Analyze page, you can get to the diagrams and channel appraisals. On the Networks page, you discover the rundown of identified SSIDs. On the base menu, you can flip sorting between name or flag and show/shroud the system points of interest. Like from the Analyze page, you can change the sifting, which applies to both pages. Finally, from the Networks page you can associate with a system.

There are also some WiFi analyzer available for Android and iPhone device which you can see here

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